Meet Veraguas

Coast in Both Seas

THE WORD Veraguas

THE WORD Veragua was used for the first time by Admiral Cristóbal Colón during his fourth trip. The Word Veragua began to appear in Spanish documentation from 1504, formalizing its formation as Governor on June 9, 1508. It was first used in its original singular form, Veragua, which successively designated the Governorship of Veragua, the Duchy of Veragua, to the Veragua Real and the Province of Veragua. It was not until much later that the plural form Veraguas began to prevail.

Coast in Both Seas

It’s the only province in the country that has coasts on both coastslines: Atlantic and Pacific.


Mariato, Arenas, El Cacao, Quebro y Tebario, entre otras

Veraguas province has 40 islands, from which we can mention: Coiba, Cébaco, Jicarón, Gobernadora, Papagayo, las Contreras, Canal de Afuera, Leones, Ranchería, Verde and Jicarita.

Santa Catalina:
Originally a secret beach in the province of Veraguas, Santa Catalina has become one of the favorite places for wave lovers, to the point of being recognized worldwide as one of the best places to surf.

Isla de Coiba:
Located to the south of the province of Veraguas, Coiba is the largest island in the country. Due to the state of conservation of its coral reefs, its wide diversity of animal species and exuberant vegetation was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.